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Why You Need Tank007 Tactical Flashlight

Why You Need Tank007 Tactical Flashlight


Our customer often ask why we make so many tactical flashlights. The reason as are many, but here, we will list three most important ones. Read carefully to find out what makes our high-lumen tactical flashlights so valuable.

Bright and enough light

Our PT40 flashlights emit 1000 lumens of bright white light while our TC18 emits 350 lumens light in a smaller package. It’s perfect for people or campers and hikers who run late at night or in the early morning due to the highly focused light beams, dark roads or rooms that look almost as bright as the day.

Use our flashlight with our specially designed rechargeable battery to maximize light and battery life. These lithium-ion batteries are used in high-tech equipment, such as our flashlights, and will provide you with more power than regular batteries.

Super solid construction

Our flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and comes with a waterproof O-ring for everyday wear and tear: police, firefighters and military personnel. When other flashlights like to boast how powerful they are, we test ours to make sure they can take a beating and continue working. We cook, freeze, and run our flashlight truck to prove that they will continue to work. Most importantly, if your flashlight can not stop working, simply contact us and we’ll send you one more time without asking any questions. This is how much we believe our products.

Protection and lighting in small packages

The bezel and intense flash on the outside provide you extra protection just in case. Use a flash to blind an attacker or hit the bezel with surprises they do not like. Strobe lights are also a good way to get lost if you’re hiking or facing an emergency in the city.

As you can see, we’ve thought of everything while designing our LED flashlight. From super-bright Cree LED luminaires to super-strong aluminum bodies, we have had no chance or cut corners when we decided to make the LED flashlight you wanted. Take a look at our online store, buy flashlights and other living products you need at your camping, hiking, or emergency supplies at a discounted price.