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The Most Comprehensive Cycling Equipment List

The Most Comprehensive Cycling Equipment List


Cycling is always a popular activity. Here is a list of equipment you need for riding.

Required equipment
Such equipment for the ride must use the equipment
1, riding helmet: life-saving use, must wear.
2, riding pants: to reduce friction, because riding a cushion, can guarantee the comfort of the ride, the rest of the pants irreplaceable.
3, riding gloves: to reduce the damage, you must wear.
4, riding shoes: in accordance with the bike equipped with pedal to choose, if not a special pedal, no special requirements.
5, Bicycle pump
6, riding lighting: night riding must have a headlight or flashlight to light road conditions, and tail lights to warn vehicles at your backside.

Optional equipment
The role of such items in the process of riding can be replaced by other items, in other words that there are also riding, no ride, there is only to ride the process more comfortable.
Magic scarf: can also be replaced with a mask, but the function is not so complete.
Riding glasses: can also be used to replace other colored glasses, but not so professional.
Riding clothes: This is more special, although not wear, but generally like riding a ridicule have a set, just like the first line of the same line.
Riding cuffs: only when used with short-sleeved riding suits.
Riding backpack or pockets: can be replaced with other parcels to meet the requirements of the items can be loaded.
Riding leg sets: only when riding shorts matching will be used.
Riding socks: ordinary sports socks can also be replaced; but riding socks will usually be printed on the team information and other related information, sports socks do not have this feature.
Leggings: only used to wear long riding pants, the tie pants legs used, if wearing a pants do not need this equipment.
Riding shoes: depending on which pedal is installed.
Car package: other parcels can be replaced.
Lights: night riding a riders must be equipped, no night riding a favorite riders do not install.
Speaker: suitable for urban cycling riders installed, the rest is no need to install.
Triangle package: with other parcels.
Multi-function combination of tools: long-distance riding necessary for the repair tires and so on.