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Most Powerful Handheld Searching Flashlight

Most Powerful Handheld Searching Flashlight


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Recently, many customers asked tactical flashlights and flashlights every day. Today, a customer asked us the most powerful flashlight to light 2000 lumens. I am talking about the RC11 searching flashlight. Of course, the RC11 does have tactical characteristics, but tactical flashlights are usually more compact than this. RC11 is a flashlight beast. It’s large size. About 338g without battery, requires 3 18650 batteries. This will increase the weight of this flashlight.

Well, let’s see more details about this flashlight. The RC11 uses three CREE XMLU2 LEDs. As you can see, each LED has its own small reflector, of course, this light you will get a good beam mode. Of course, you have the tempered, ultra-clear glass lens with a very good anti-reflection coating on it, and you can see the torch has a small circle on the head, which is really the potential impact of lens and LED protection. Bezel itself may not be considered a tactical bezel, but if you want to use it, you may still cause some damage.

1. RC11 is a rechargeable searching flashlight with three high-power LED lights. It features in scientific design, exquisite workmanship; 400-meters throw beam and up-to-2000 Lumens. This flashlight is the best choice for police, searching, outdoor and camping use.
2. The top with an attack-head design is made of 304# stainless steel. This makes the flashlight more durable, practical, beautiful and also tactile appeal.
3. With a charging port in the end, protected by a water-proof metal ring. Rotating the metal ring to cover the charging port when it is not charged. This can further protect the flashlights from water.

Item No RC11
Material Aerospace grade aluminum
LED Cree-XM-L-U2
Brightness 2000lumen
Modes Super-High-Mid-Low-SOS-Strobe
Duration 3-40hours
Water-resistant  IPX-7
Size L 16 * Dia 6cm
Weight 338g
Power by 3*18650 Ni 2600mAh
Anti drop 1M
Beam throw 400M