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What’s the difference of tactical flashlight and outdoor flashlight?

What’s the difference of tactical flashlight and outdoor flashlight?




Along with a few times to outdoor experience, gradually I have the brand-new understanding about tactical flashlight.

There is no essential difference between the tactical flashlight and ordinary flashlight on the principle and structure. But demanded in the use of all kinds of bad environment conditions, so the requirements of tactical flashlights are very high. For examples, high and low temperature performance, sealing performance, corrosion performance, durable performance, intensity of illumination and color temperature. These are all much higher than ordinary flashlight.


Outdoor flashlight in general has strong floodlight at short distance, but good focus over a long distance. And road irradiation effect is great. This kind of outdoor flashlight is the first choice for outdoor and riding at night.

And if for the outdoor function, small size and strong light are also the key of the consideration. Surely, tactical flashlight is of very high performance.


Tactical flashlight is usually applicated in the darkness and worse condition of light. It is used for lighting and making the enemies feel dizzy. Also it can be used as auxiliary combat implements, splitting, smashing, tingling and attack the target. And tactical flashlight has strong functions and generally with high brightness. Ordinary flashlight has no way to combat with tactical flashlights.


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