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TANK007 Flashlight, Lots Of Power

TANK007 Flashlight, Lots Of Power


TANK007 Flashlight, Lots Of Power

The E09 mini flashlight out up to 120 lumens of brightness, has an IPX-8 waterproof rating.
E09 with gift box packaging has a reasonable price tag than many similar tiny lights at big box hardware stores. Both its quality and price tag make it more popular at home in the lighted or at a boutique camping store.
Of course, you can also find more. But for me, this is a perfect mix of low price and great performance.

Weighing in at 12.7g(excluding battery), and very smaller can easy carry, the flashlight earns its value with Constant current circuit chip which maintains constant brightness that I’ve never seen in this small a package. Most importantly, 120 lumens is enough light to actually DO things. I used this light in my review for impromptu cave explorations, plumbing, car breakdown emergencies, and a whole host of night activities (including single track mountain biking, night orienteering, and for tasks while camping).

E09 is all set to be a keyring light, spare o-rings are included – although I’ve yet to need to replace an o-ring after extensive use. At full power (120 lumens), the light lasts just over 40 minutes. Head rotation, one-hand operation.

Believe this would be a best Christmas gift for your family, friends and colleague.

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