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How to choose a flashlight ?

How to choose a flashlight ?


The key factors that need to considering are:

  • Light output(lumen)
  • Battery type and run time
  • Size and weight
  • Material

Flashlights range from under $20 to over $500, yet they may be the same shape. What are the differences? Brightness and lifespan are the most important. It doesn’t mean that the brightest flashlight is the best, only if it’s lifespan also the longest.The battery’s size often determined the flashlight size,if you don’t want it big,then choose AA or AAA battery flashlight.Flashlight materials are many include ABS,PC,aluminum,stainless steel ect. The later 2 will be much better just like TANK007 flashlights. TANK007 especially using aircraft grade aluminum which will be all right even a car pass by.

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