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What is ultraviolet curing?

What is ultraviolet curing?


Ultraviolet curing is the most common and mature industrial application of UV.
But also occupies the largest market size.
Currently it mainly uses in curing UV wavelength of UVA.
Curing refers to the process of material from low molecules to polymers.
Ultraviolet curing refers to the UV light irradiation.
To make the curing material in a short time of photochemical reaction.
As well as making the adhesive from liquid to solid in a few seconds.

In the curing field, accounting for a large proportion of industrial curing applications.
Such as building materials coating, coating of electronic products and other curing.
These curing equipment are large, for the consumer field.
Common curing scene in daily life is the use of Uglue adhesive objects and nail curing.
However, whether it is industrial or consumer applications.
Its curing principle and influencing factors are consistent.

What is ultraviolet curing
What is ultraviolet curing