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Why UV Flashlight is Purple Light?

Why UV Flashlight is Purple Light?


The UVA uv spectrum is mainly between 360nm-400nm at present.
Because UV LED chips cannot obtain pure 360-400nm UV wavelength after excitation.
More than 400nm (visible light >380nm) of light will have one wavelength of continuous light.
That is what we see as purple light.
What is more, UVC lamp,365nm,395nm uv flashlight all contain more than 400nm of visible purple light.

Is there a relationship between thevisible light brightness and uv flashlight intensity?

As we mentioned before, the portable ultraviolet flashlight can completely eliminate visible light.
So the strength of visible light is related to the ultraviolet intensity of ultraviolet lamp radiation?
The answer, of course, it is not.
While emiting strong visible light when it is lit, it will cause by the poor UV LED chip process.
It needsIn special application industries, stronger fluorescence reaction.
And too strong visible light is often not conducive to observe the fluorescence reaction phenomenon.
TANK007 is uv flashlight research and development for over 20 years experience.
They have production experience, high-quality flashlight with better chip UV LED.
This uv flashlight emits less visible light.
But the ultraviolet is more pure.
It is better in the ultraviolet identification industry, industrial flaw detection field application effect.