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The Ultraviolet Curing Process

The Ultraviolet Curing Process


First, we need to understand the components of the curing material and the ultraviolet curing process.
Curing material is generally composed of prepolymer, monomer, photoinitiator and auxiliaries.
And its ratio will be different according to different purposes.
Prepolymer is the main body of the ultraviolet curing material.
It determines the viscosity and strength of the final curing.
Monomer is an active diluent.
As the name implies,it is a supplement to prepolymer.
And it is an auxiliary agent to mediate the overall curing material.
Photoinitiator is another indispensable component.
Its role is to receive UV radiation energy.
And then promote the prepolymer and monomer to connect into one, resulting in curing effect.
Auxiliaries, in fact, the monomer is also a kind of auxiliaries.
But the auxiliaries here mainly talk about adhesion enhancer, pigment pigment.

The ultraviolet curing process
The ultraviolet curing process