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What does led flashlight lumen mean

What does led flashlight lumen mean


What does led flashlight lumen mean?Friends who have just touched the led flashlight do not understand some of the technical terms, such as led flashlight lumens, luminous flux, color temperature and so on. Even if you search the Internet for relevant information and explanations, it is in the clouds. Today, I will give you a brief introduction to a parameter that is often used in led flashlights – lumens. Understand what is meant by led flashlight lumens?

Led flashlight lumen definition

Lumen, the symbol lm, is the international unit of luminous flux. It is defined according to Candela’s spherical angle (cd multiplied by sr). First-class Ming is a considerable amount of light emitted in a spherical unit, emitting equal amount of energy from the light source in all directions, and the intensity is 1 cd.

The lumen of the so-called led flashlight is the physical unit that describes the luminous flux. The physics is interpreted as a candle (cd, Candela Candela, luminous intensity unit, equivalent to the luminous intensity of an ordinary candle) at a solid angle (a unit with a radius of 1 meter) On the sphere, the angle represented by the spherical cone corresponding to the spherical crown of 1 square meter corresponds to the total emitted luminous flux produced by the central angle of the middle section of about 65°.

Luminous flux and lumens

The light energy emitted by the light source radiates in all directions. For a certain area of ​​light energy per unit time, it is called the radiant energy flux through this area. The frequency of each color light is different, and the sensitivity of the eye to each color of light is also different. Even if the radiant energy flux of each color light is equal, it does not visually produce the same brightness. In each color light, yellow and green light can provoke The biggest bright feeling.

If the green light is used as the standard, and its luminous flux is equal to the radiant energy flux, the power to provoke a bright sensation is smaller than that of the green light, and the luminous flux is smaller than the radiant energy flux.

The unit of luminous flux is lumens, which is the transliteration of English lumen, abbreviated as lm.

The absolute black body radiates a luminous flux of 1 lm from the 5.305*103 cm2 area at the solidification temperature of platinum. In order to show the relationship between light intensity and luminous flux, a point light source having an emission intensity of 1 candela emits a luminous flux of 1 lumen per unit solid angle (1 steradian). The luminous flux output from a 40W fluorescent lamp is approximately 2100 lumens.

What does led flashlight lumen mean?

In general, the higher the lumen of a led flashlight, the higher the brightness. For example, the TANK007 flashlight mini series, the brightness is about tens to hundreds of lumens, can meet the daily lighting use; and the TANK007 outdoor search series of glare led flashlights have some brightness up to 2000 lumens, what is the concept? It is similar to the brightness of the headlights of an ordinary car. Nowadays, after years of development, glare flashlights have even reached tens of thousands of lumens. However, the led flashlight is not the higher the brightness, the better, depending on the actual use of the scene.

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