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TANK007 best rechargeable led flashlights wholesale price

TANK007 best rechargeable led flashlights wholesale price


As a professional manufacturer of rechargeable led flashlight, TANK007 has a very large number of led flashlights. The rechargeable LED flashlights cover household, outdoor, industrial, explosion-proof, and jade, which can meet different lighting needs. If you want to buy a rechargeable led flashlight, you can buy a satisfactory rechargeable led flashlight in TANK007. Let’s introduce the wholesale price of TANK007 rechargeable led flashlight.

1, jade identification led flashlight

The jade identification flashlight has always been a powerful tool for jade antiques enthusiasts. The TANK007 jade identification flashlight is mainly divided into three kinds of light: white light, yellow light and ultraviolet light. The led flashlight of each light has its unique function. Therefore, the price of led flashlights is relatively more expensive than ordinary led flashlights. In general, the price of this type of flashlight ranges from more than 100 to more than 800 yuan. The detailed price depends on the specific effects and functions of the led flashlight.

2, outdoor rechargeable led flashlight

The outdoor rechargeable led flashlight is very suitable for everyone to use in outdoor sports and adventure. This kind of led flashlight has strong concentration and long charging time. From the overall point of view, the quality of this series of rechargeable led flashlights is also very Good, anti-fall, good pressure resistance. In general, the price of led flashlights generally ranges from more than 100 to more than 600. If it is a wholesale rechargeable led flashlight, the price will have a certain discount.

3, UV flashlight

Ultraviolet flashlight is referred to as uv flashlight and is a source of invisible light. Ultraviolet flashlights are also known as violet flashlights, and the market is dominated by ultraviolet flashlights with wavelengths of 365nm and 395nm. UV flashlight is mainly used for: UV flashlight use: anti-counterfeiting detection; fluorescent agent detection; glue curing; fluorescent reflection of special substances; nail light solid; metal flaw detection and so on. Ultraviolet flashlights are mostly in the price of dozens, more than 100 are more professional, usually used in antiques, cultural relics identification, industrial leak detection and so on.
In short, TANK007 has a number of series of led flashlights, you can find a suitable rechargeable led flashlight in TANK007. Buy led flashlight or know the wholesale price of flashlight, click on the online quote: