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What are the rechargeable led flashlight accessories

What are the rechargeable led flashlight accessories


What are the rechargeable led flashlight accessories?With the rise of led flashlights, more and more people are beginning to contact rechargeable led flashlights. Many consumers do not know what accessories are generally used for led flashlights when purchasing rechargeable led flashlights. Not uniform. Today, Xiaoyan has listed some common accessories for LED flashlights for reference.

Accessories 1: Rechargeable lithium battery

The most common accessory for rechargeable led flashlights is the 18650 lithium battery. 18650 is a naming convention for batteries, which means that 18 means a diameter of 18 mm and 65 means a length of 65 mm, and 0 means a cylindrical battery. Led flashlight battery specifications are 14500 lithium battery, 16340 lithium battery, 26650 lithium battery and so on.

Accessories 2: Charger

Rechargeable led flashlights commonly used chargers are usually single or double charging with line, if you want more charging, generally purchased on the Internet. Of course, now more scientific design is the bare waterproof direct charge rechargeable led flashlight (can be charged directly by plugging in the charging cable, no need to remove the battery charging). TANK007’s TR01S is a direct charge rechargeable led flashlight display:

Accessories three: flashlight Holsters
The ledLED flashlight is more convenient to carry with the flashlight holsters, and it is also beneficial to protect the flashlight from being damaged. The flashlight holster is generally made of canvas material and is relatively durable. There are also cortex, but the price is relatively high.

Accessories 4: diffuser

Rechargeable led flashlight with a diffuser can achieve more use scenarios. For example, many of the LED flashlights of TANK007 can be equipped with a soft mask, which can be used as camping lights and signal lights. Used for lighting when outdoors or when the home is out of power.

Accessories 5: Wire switch

General tactical rechargeable led flashlight, accessories will be wired control switch installed in the tail of the flashlight, mostly used for tactics, hunting, etc., in order to conveniently and quickly light the led flashlight when performing tasks.

Accessories six: car clips, grab clips

The car clip is mostly used to ride the led flashlight, which is convenient to be fixed on the bicycle. It is one of the indispensable tools for the night riding.

Accessories seven: goggles

There are many types of goggles, mainly for the goggles that damage the eyes from harmful light. For example, wearing goggles while using a UV-UV flashlight can effectively block UV rays and protect your eyes.

The above is TANK007 for everyone to sort out, about the accessories related to rechargeable led flashlights. When you buy a ledled flashlight, you can choose a flashlight accessory according to your needs. What are the rechargeable led flashlight accessories? For more information, please visit: