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The reason of rechargeable led flashlight fever seriously

The reason of rechargeable led flashlight fever seriously


Many first-time use of rechargeable led flashlights, you will encounter serious problems with flashlight fever, do not know how it is, the first time you use the rechargeable led flashlight highlight function will be somewhat confused. Generally, the rechargeable led flashlight does not have obvious heat when used in normal brightness, and it is easy to feel the heat when it is used in high brightness. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the highlight function continuously for a long time.

The aluminum alloy rechargeable led flashlight is cooled by the external heat. During the use of the flashlight, the heat can be quickly felt, indicating that the heat of the rechargeable led flashlight and the thermal conductivity of the outer casing are very high, and the heat is transferred very quickly. Very good. This is a normal heat dissipation phenomenon.

Here is a brief introduction to how serious the flashlight is hot:

The fever is severely related to the core lamp beads of the rechargeable led flashlight

The more power consumption, the more powerful the rechargeable led flashlight is. For example: XML T6 core has a maximum power of 10W. If the heat is not enough, it is easy to make the rechargeable led premature aging. Straw hat Rechargeable led power is about 0.5W, no need for heat sinks.

The fever is severely related to the drive circuit of the rechargeable led flashlight

The rechargeable led flashlight drive circuit can be roughly divided into direct drive and constant current drive. The current of the direct drive circuit is not controlled. When the battery power is high enough, the battery will do its best to supply the rechargeable led. At the beginning, the flashlight will be bright, the temperature will rise suddenly, and the heat and heat will not be balanced. The brightness and temperature will slowly drop after the battery is gradually depleted. This kind of circuit is very harmful to the rechargeable led and battery due to the high current in the previous stage.

The constant current driving circuit of the rechargeable led flashlight belongs to the current mainstream driving scheme. The circuit controls the current supplied to the rechargeable led, and the output current of the battery can be maintained. The flashlight will last longer.

The fever is severely related to the lamp holder of the rechargeable led flashlight

The larger the contact area between the flashlight lamp holder and the rechargeable led lamp bead, the better the heat dissipation effect. The higher the thermal conductivity of the material, the better the thermal conductivity.

The relationship between severe fever and the volume of rechargeable led flashlight

The small size of the flashlight, the outer surface of the outer cymbal is small, the sub-heat of the sub-large volume of the flashlight will feel the field is slightly more obvious. Usually such flashlights do not use a rechargeable led with excessive power as the core source.

There is also a situation in which a low-priced flashlight, in order to reduce the cost of flashlight to obtain higher profits, poor quality of the circuit board, the quality of the aluminum alloy material of the flashlight casing, will affect the heat dissipation of the flashlight, so it is recommended to buy a flashlight to choose a regular manufacturer.

Rechargeable led flashlights will be hot. If it is not too serious, it is a normal phenomenon. As long as it is a regular or a little famous manufacturer, it can be used safely because the manufacturer has passed many tests and passed the test. Some of them even pass the safety certification. The TANK007 brand’s flashlights are tested several times before leaving the factory to ensure the high quality of rechargeable led flashlights. To purchase a flashlight online or to find out a quote, please visit: