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What are the functions of self-defense rechargeable led flashlight?

What are the functions of self-defense rechargeable led flashlight?


What are the function of self defense rechargeable led flashlight?

The role and function of the self-defense rechargeable LED flashlight: With the multi-function led flashlight, whether in the day or night, walking in the mountains or other places, encountering fierce beasts or gangsters, you can alarm out beforehand.In order to avoid the bad guys,you can buy a multi-function rechargeable led flashlight for self-defense.

This multi-function rechargeable led flashlight has self-defense function, which is with the Strobe. According to the environment and range of LED flashlight, it has the functions of lighting, intimidation, strobe and high-pressure self-defense.

Design form: The rechargeable led flashlight is a design that high-quality led flashlights use special batteries that adjust brightness, have waterproof features, and adjust the focus, but are usually more expensive.

Most of the rechargeable led flashlights are designed in a cylindrical shape. However, the early explosion-proof flashlights were often designed in various styles. Some look like early lanterns, some resemble candles, and are expected to have more interesting in the future.

Note: The rechargeable led flashlight is waterproof. Because it belongs to electronic products, there is a circuit board at the front of the flashlight. Once the water enters, it is easy to short-circuit and cause damage.