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The application of UV flashlight detection PCB circuit board and three anti-paint coating effects

The application of UV flashlight detection PCB circuit board and three anti-paint coating effects


The application of TANK007 UV flashlight in the detection of PCB circuit board and three anti-paint coating effects.

Three anti-paint coating: PCB circuit board three anti-paint operation is simple: shake the three anti-paint before use, brush the liquid, spray it on the surface of the circuit board or immerse the whole circuit board in the liquid and then dry it. TANK007 UV flashlight UV detection circuit board, easy to apply;

PCB circuit board three anti-paint is a one-component low viscosity silicone resin, composed of resin, and waterproof additives, with hydrophobic moisture, radiation, high transparency, non-toxic, non-polluting, high and low temperature resistance (-60-200 degrees Celsius) ), anti-aging, weather resistance and other advantages. It has excellent electrical insulation properties and its high frequency electrical properties are good.

The three anti-paints are air-dried at room temperature for 1 to 3 minutes and are closely attached to the surface of the circuit board. The properties are stable after 24 hours; the temperature is constant under normal temperature and pressure. The circuit board treated with three anti-paints is placed in water for 24 hours. After being taken out and air-dried, the circuit board and electronic components are free from any corrosion and the performance is unchanged. The high-quality three-proof paint is resistant to -60~+200 degrees Celsius and low temperature, and is resistant to 20000. Volt high pressure

Application of three anti-paint: It is typically used in assembled circuit boards to protect the wire boards from harsh environmental impacts such as various chemicals, moisture, dust and high and low temperatures. Such as: hybrid integrated circuits, automotive electronic control panels, electronic circuit boards, aviation dashboards, flexible printed circuits, microcomputer control boards, semiconductor crystal line protection, home appliance control systems, electrical accessories, transformers, coils, etc.

The figure below shows the effect of a three-coat-coated circuit board under visible light. The three anti-paint is a transparent glue, which can be directly observed by the naked eye. It is impossible to tell whether the circuit board is evenly covered!

The following picture shows the effect of the waterproof coated circuit board under the ultraviolet light of ultraviolet flashlight: under the illumination of TANKk007 UV flashlight, the waterproof rubber coating on the circuit board is clearly visible, and no waterproof glue is clearly visible in some places.

Features of TANK007 UV Flashlight:

1. The imported aluminum mirror is used to optimize the ultraviolet radiation.

2 high-strength aluminum alloy oxidation shell.