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What are the factors to the throw distance of a rechargeable led flashlight?

What are the factors to the throw distance of a rechargeable led flashlight?


There are many types of long beam distance rechargeable led flashlight, from the light effect, there are strong light, high beam, concentrated, floodlight, there are big spots from the spot effect, small spots, etc., TANK007 explains how to choose a suitable rehchargeable led flashlight, from an integrated aspect to the important factors affecting the long throw distance of the rechargeable led flashlight, today from the perspective of the led flashlight light source to explain the led flashlight throw distance in the end with those factors have a relationship.

Led flashlight light source brightness

This is in the same concentrating light cup, the higher the luminous flux of the flashlight source, the farther the range is. The people with the luminous flux may not understand what it is. In fact, the simple point is that the higher the lumen, the farther the distance is, that is The brighter and brighter the led flashlight, the premise is that the flashlight is good enough.

Led flashlight focusing light cup

Similarly, in the case of the same light source of the flashlight, the better the light collecting effect of the used light cup, the farther the irradiation distance of the charged led flashlight is. Of course, the choice of the flashlight light cup is also certain, and the smooth light cup is concentrated. The effect is generally better than the orange peel light cup, but there are still many light cups like orange tactical flashlights. This is because the light of the orange peel light is disturbed by the angle, so the effect is Astigmatism is better, it is very suitable for the battlefield and other environments, while the glossy light cup is well concentrated, but the whole spot looks like a hollow spot, which is related to the characteristics of the LED flashlight itself.

Rechargeable flashlight led lamp bead selection

Currently popular led flashlight lamp beads generally have Q5, R5, T6, U2, etc. The difference between these is

1, Q5 refers to XRE-Q5 max current is 1A, the brightest is about 280 lumens

2, R5 refers to XPG-R5’s max current is 1.5A, the brightest is about 420 lumens

3, T6 refers to XML-T6’s max current is 3A, the brightest is about 950 lumens

4, U2 is XML-U2, equivalent to the T6 upgrade version, the brightest is about 1000 lumens

With the same rechargeable led flashlight, T6 light efficiency is higher than Q5, R5, but U2 is higher. The R5’s light cup is more mature, and the concentrated light effect is worse than that of the T6. However, compared with the R5, the R5’s light angle is larger, so the spotlight is not as good as the Q5. It is not difficult to find here. The concentration of Q5 in the lamp is relatively good, but the brightness is relatively high. There are no other kinds of high brightness. It can be found that a long-range charging led flashlight can be illuminated as long as the light source is selected. It’s not that difficult, just sacrifice the brightness. You can choose a charging led flashlight according to your own needs.