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Top 3 features you need to know before buying a mini led flashlight

Top 3 features you need to know before buying a mini led flashlight


mini led flashlight

Mini flashlight is popular in the market, so, there are many different mini flashlight brands in the market. Do you want to buy a cheap one or a relatively more expensive one from a famous brand? I would like to recommend you adopt the latter choice, for good flashlight lasts longer and consume less power.

To purchase good mini flashlight does not mean to buy from the big brands like Maglite, Streamlight, etc. some less known brands are also good choices, for example, Tank007 flashlight.

As for mini flashlight, I think you know Tank007 E09, an old but popular mini LED flashlight. This flashlight led the trend to manufacture mini led flashlight in the world. Before you buy mini led flashlight, here, Tank007 would like to share you some tips.

1. LED. One of the top components to search for in flashlights is Cree LED chip sets. Cree is known for creating the most solid and durable parts. These high performance bulbs deliver more than 100,000 hours of luminosity and will rarely, if ever, need replaced. Also, Cree LED is not the only choice, some other famous LEDs are also good. But you are not recommended to choose unknown ones for they may not last long.
2. Modes. Some mini led flashlights have one mode, while some have three or five modes. Different lighting levels are made for different uses, the more the better. At lease, you should get a flashlight with three modes: high, low, strobe.
3. Brightness. The amount of lumens in a flashlight determines its maximum brightness. A good option for obtaining ideal luminosity in devices used around the house or workplace is 80 to 200 lumens. One thing to consider about mini torch flashlights is they can also be used for personal safety. To inflict temporary blindness in a person requires a minimum of 80 lumens.

The three features are our advices to users, if you have other thoughts about choosing mini LED flashlight, just leave your comments here.