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Tank007 Best Rechargeable Bike Light Flashlight Recommended

Tank007 Best Rechargeable Bike Light Flashlight Recommended


Recently, more and more young guys love cycling. When we want to ride a long journey, we need to get a good bike light. So, do you know how to choose a good light for your bike? Here, I would like to share some ideas about choosing flashlight for bike.

1. The battery
To most people, they may not ride too long at night, for safety’s sake and they need to reset. So, a 18650 li-ion battery is enough. This kind of battery has larger capacity, which can last longer than common AA batteries. If the flashlights uses a Q5 or T6 LED, a 18650 lithium can last about 3 hours at high mode (bright light), which may be enough for most people to ride.

2. Brightness
You are recommended to choose a flashlight that emit soft light and not too bright.
Too bright light is not good for riding. If we turn our eyes from a bright area to a dark area, ours eyes need time to get used to the darkness. The more obvious the difference is, the more time we need to get use to the darkness, which may cause danger for during that period, we cannot see anything.
3. Flashlight spot:
Flood light is better than concentrated light.
As is known to us, when we are riding, we need to see a board range ahead us. Therefore, we need flood light to ensure we can ride safely. So, the flashlight spot needs to be big and it should be able to produce flood light.

4. The flashlight modes:
Different modes are necessary. After all, if the flashlight has only one mode, you cannot change the brightness when it is necessary. In addition, you can use low bright mode when you need to ride long.
Note: the switch must be reliable, or it may switch between modes when you ride, which may result in danger.

Tank007 TK737 is the most popular bike light flashlight. It can meet all requirements above, in addition, it is zoomable, which means, you can adjust the beam’s focus.

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