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How to Maintain Recharge LED Flashlight

How to Maintain Recharge LED Flashlight


In order to make the flashlight durable and wearable, you need to maintain the flashlight properly. Here, this article will share you some tips to maintain rechargeable LED flashlight.

First, the battery

1. As the power source of the rechargeable LED flashlight, battery is very important. You need to choose battery according to the Recharge LED Flashlights specs, make sure not to use the battery with higher output current and voltage in case of ruining the circuit.

2. Do not use the flashlight until the batter runs out, or it will decrease the lifespan of the battery a lot.

3. To avoid chemical corrosion caused by cause slurry leak, take out the battery from the Recharge LED Flashlight if you do not use the rechargeable LED flashlight t for a long time.

4.Install the paper cover together with the battery to the Recharge LED Flashlight, or it is easy to leak power. After a time, change the place of the new battery to extend the life of the battery.

Second, for the temperature

1, Heat dissipation: It is normal that the Recharge LED Flashlight gets hot when it is on. So, do not forget to avoid the Recharge LED Flashlight getting too hot. You are recommend not use the highest mode immediately after a full charge.

2, Many Recharge LED Flashlights cannot work when it is minus 20 degrees, so keep warm if necessary.

3. Do not expose the Recharge LED Flashlight under blazing sunshine for long when it is not in use; Do not repeat strobe.

Third, for the humidity

1. Moisture can ruin the rechargeable LED flashlight. Keep the light cup dry and clean; do not wipe the cup with your hand or hard objects. To clean the finger print, you’d better use swap glass cleaner.

2. Wipe the water and sweat from the Recharge LED Flashlight immediately, in case moisture getting in to the Recharge LED Flashlight, corrupting the cladding.

Fourth, Special attention

1, Do not throw the light directly to people’s eyes, super bright light hurts eyes, especially the children’s in case of affect the vision.

2, When moving the rechargeable LED flashlight’s switch, the strength should be equally, in order to maintain the flexibility of lift spring.

3. When using a rechargeable LED flashlight, check the screws to see if any one is loosening; loosening screw may cause no light or dim light.