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Tips for Jade indentification with Tank007 Jade flashlights

Tips for Jade indentification with Tank007 Jade flashlights


We usually use various instruments to identify jade, and in our daliy life, the most common way is to use flashlights to test.When we come to the identification of jade were identified through a variety of instruments, more commonly used in everyday life is a flashlight to identify jade. Acoording to the reflected light from the Jade flashlights, we can indentify whether the jade is genuine or fake ,and the quality is good or bad. There are some tips as follow,

Firstly, put the flashlights on the surface of the jade to observe the quality. Usually, it will show translucent and the beam will be very clear and focused.If use the Jade flashlights to shine the marble, glass or quartzite, the beam will be relatively poor and widely scattered. And also,move the flashlights around the jade, we can observe whether the internal structure of jade is uniform according to the uniformity of the transparence.

Secondly,if we use the LED Jade flashlights,it will be clearly to observe whether the granularity in internal jade is delicate or not.Also, we can shine the LED flashlights at the skinless side of the jade, if the irradiation angle is 45°, we can then observe the floc structure of the jade by moving the flashlights.

Finally, Jade flashlights can also use to test the defects. Shine the flashlight at the jade, can then see if its internal flaws from multi-angle observation.