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High Brightness Flashlight is a Usefull equipments to Police

High Brightness Flashlight is a Usefull equipments to Police


Highlight Flashlight is a usefull Police equipments, police gear is getting more science technolagy, and mutifuction. Highlight flashlight has an important position. Our flashlight has a attach head, can be used as a weapon to hit terrorist, and the strobe function can cause blind for temperary, so it has a self defence function.

The function of police gear is an important index of Poice finance, with a good supplier of police equipments, the manage is a must, Keep police equipments always in good condition, can adapt to the development of public security work.

Highlight flashlight made of oxidation titanium alloy, it’s waterproof, explosion-proof, anti-shake and anti-presure.

Strong light flashlight is to adopt high-frequency oscillating current, output current of high strength, large capacity dc discharge, large output capacity

Use strong LED, Brighter and longer runtime, we promise to send this torch free if there are anyother brighter flashlight.

The built-in charger,delicate looking, easy carrying

Special design, wonderful choice for outdoor and self defence.

Dimensions:L165MM*Head D35mm* Body D28mm

It’s samll, easy to carry, has High-Low-Strobe Modes, change freely

18650 high capacity Lituim battery, non memorial.

Strobe light, defence function, can’t open eyes if look into the light.