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Purple light flashlight Detect Crack in crude oil hydrostatic body

Purple light flashlight Detect Crack in crude oil hydrostatic body


“Look at my flashlight, not only the strong light but also an ability of leaking detection of liquid, it works really well.” a driver in Tianjin talked the “new weapon”—Ultraviolet flashlight with others after car detection

In order to ensure the stable quality of locomotive,a section of a highway in Tianjin buy a  lot of UV flashlights with detection function.The UV flashlights producted by Beijing guodian electrical testing technology research institute co., LTD has 32 gb memory card, the drive use it and make a video when found fault on the locomotive key parts when detect.
6th Apr. the driver Liu Jinwei found a typical problem on the locomotive driving part hydrostatic body crack when checking 58, dongfeng 11 type locomotive by using UV flashlight, he said,”thanks to the UV flashlight, we can find the locomotive fault quickly and accurately just like has the third eye”. According to introducing, since put the UV flashlight into using, the quality of the key card point significantly strengthened,the per shift key points coverage checking rate has been increased to more than 80% when compared with before less than 50%.

The UV flashlights which produced by Shenzhen Grandoor Electronics CO.,LTD is convenievnt to be carried with its small body but powerful.The different railway in other provinces and cities are also buy the Tank007 UV flashlight, what’s more, the magent working flashlights are also used widely in the railway using field.