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Tips to Choose a Flashlight for Riding at Night

Tips to Choose a Flashlight for Riding at Night


Nightly riding is an exciting sport. When you riding in the countryside, you can enjoy the cool air that cannot find in the city; you can view the night scene in the city, all in all, you can relax yourself by riding at night.


But do remember, nightly riding is a dangerous sport. You need to keep yourself safe as well as from hit anyone else on the road. So, a bright flashlight or headlight is needed when you are riding at night. If you are new to flashlight, you may need to know how to choose a good flashlight for riding at night. Here are some tips.


Generally speaking, the flashlight should be bright enough, and burn a long time in case of run out the battery in the middle way.


1, Brightness. To ensure your safety and light up the surroundings, you need high brightness light. Brightness around 300LMs is good for nightly riding. The cheaper flashlight may only be only able to make yourself noticeable, but not able to light up the surroundings or the road ahead you.


2, The flashlight’s focus should be adjustable. During riding at night, both spotlight and floodlight are important. At present, many flashlights can only provide spotlight, which has a bright spot in the center with weak light surrounding it. Such flashlights are good for outdoor searching, SOS, but not suitable for lighting, because the spot only can light up a small area, and contrasts sharply with the weak light around it. Eyes may be hurt in this condition for long.


3, Burn time. A power-saving flashlight can save many batteries, so, do choose a good LED flashlight. To judge whether the flashlight is power-saving, just see how long does the flashlight can burn with one or two batteries. In addition, you’d better prepare enough cells according to your journey.


4, Portability. Though the flashlight is mounted to your bike, it adds some weight to the bike and you cannot ignore it when you are going to ride long. So, you are recommended to choose a lightweight, compact flashlight so that you can easily carry it and not be affected by it when riding at night.


5,Be hard for self-defense. As it is dangerous at night, especially in countryside, it would be better if your flashlight has a attack head so that it can be used as a weapon. 6. Waterproof performance. This is important, or else, the flashlight will not light in the rain. Now, the waterproof level for flashlight is IPX-8, which means, the flashlight can work properly under 2m water.