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How to Tell Ancient Jades from the Fake

How to Tell Ancient Jades from the Fake


All ancient beautiful stones are called “Ancient Jade” nowadays. They have fine texture, beautiful colors and moist, clean surfaces. In winter, they do not have a cold feel; in summer, they are cool. Thanks to these characteristics, ancient jades are popular all the time.
Now, with the development of technology, many so-called ancient jade are not real jade, but fake stones. So, to those who love jades, skills to tell real jade from fake ones are necessary. Here, this article will share you some tips.
1.Jade color distribution: The color distribution on the fake jades is not natural; there is no transition layer between different colors, because modern methods cannot make the colors on the surface or inside the jades look natural.
2 Fractures. The holes, spots and fractures on the ancient jades are all corrupted by nature, therefore, they feel natural and not sharp. But the one the fake jades, since the holes, spots and fractures are man-made, they may look sharp and feel prickly, difficult to handle.
3.Material: Fake jades apply relatively worse jades with many fractures, whose colors look ancient, and more a stone than a jade. Since their texture and color are not pure, the texture feel rough, and color is dim. Such kind of jades look like the ancient jades that are just excavated from the earth, so they are much deceptive .

4. Color. Fake jades’ colors are added to the surface, so, they are not so natural as the ancient jade, either too bright or too dim. In addition, as the color are added to the surface, it is easy to fade due to the dyes are difficult to stick to the stone. If you immerse the fake jade to water, you may see color fading over time.
The four methods above are enough for the experts, but to the common jade collectors and lovers, it may be a little difficult to tell jades based on these four methods But do not worry, Tank007 jade expert flashlight can help you. With the help of Tank007 jade expert flashlight, you can clear see the texture of the jades, material, etc. to tell real ancient jade from fake ones.