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Flashlight Types and Bulbs

Flashlight Types and Bulbs


What kind of flashlight is suitable for you? On the market a variety of flashlight models, styles and brands can make you dazzling and do not know what is the best for you. In fact, different types of flashlights are made for different uses, you have to choose the most suitable according to your own needs

Generally speaking, flashlights’ uses include working, camping, diving, exploration in cave, and home use, etc.. After you know what the flashlight is special made for, you can find the best fit flashlight for you.

Advices for choosing flashlights

1. Home use

If you need a flashlight only for home use, flashlight that uses D-size alkaline batteries is the best choice. Since most time these flashlights are shelved in home, their weight is not a factor need to mind.

2. For backpack

If you are a backpacker, you need a light-weight LED flashlight. Such flashlights has power-conversion, providing light for long time but consuming less power than the household flashlight we talked above. Therefore, you do not have to prepare too many standby batteries.

3. For working use

It depends. If the work is simple, you can get a flashlight; magnet flashlight would be a good choice. If the work needs two hands to handle, a headlight is no doubt the best choice. In fact, most daily work needs to complete with two hands. So, you’d better keep a headlamp at home.


Flashlight bulbs


There are several bulbs can be used as a flashlight light source now. They generally fall into three categories: the incandescent type, LED (light emitting diode) and fluorescent type.

Incandescent bulb filament glows when it is heated to near the melting point. When the electricity is sufficient, the bulb shines relatively strong light, when the electricity decreases, the filament gets cold and the light fades and become yellow, and completely out when the power is run out.

LED can directly convert chemical energy into light. LED has quite high powert-conversion in the use of low power. When the electricity is running out, LED keeps the brightness for a certain time but not get yellow.

Fluorescent bulbs glow by using the energy emitted by the filament to hit the fluorescent substance in the bulb to produce light. This kind of light is a soft arealight source, which cannot be used as a point light source.