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The More Modes, the Better?

The More Modes, the Better?


Single light-mode flashlight has the advantages of low cost, small size, simple operation, while flashlight with different modes can adapt to a wider range, can be adjusted to different brightness for different environments. If you just need a flashlight for a single use, or you are price-sensitive, or just need a small size EDC flashlight, then the multi-mode is of little significance. If you buy your primary flashlight for multi-purpose, then the best choice is multi-mode flashlight, but it needs special attention to convenience and reliability.

Several Modes or Unlimited Modes

The flashlight with several modes means it has specific number of modes, for example, 5 modes; the flashlight with unlimited modes means that it has many modes, unlimited. So, which one is better? it appears that the stepless dimming function is more powerful, but in actual use you will find some problems, such as the user himself does not know how to adjust to the current brightness, and do not know how long the current brightness will last, and the current brightness is suitable for what kind of use is not clear, so that their previous experience become ineffective, the operation is relatively complex.

Fixed modes are clearly known, including the battery life for each mode, and even manufacturers have the proposed use for the modes, the operation is simpler. Therefore, for most people, the actual use of fixed modes is better, but in some special industries, accurate brightness is needed and can be measured where unlimited modes find their unique value.

More-modes or less modes?
Multi-mode seems to be powerful, but in fact the modes are too many and beyond the use of their own needs, it makes the operation inconvenient, so enough is best. Select the appropriate modes, you need to define how many of your needs, such as the purchase of a general-purpose outdoor flashlight, estimated camp, ordinary walking, complex terrain on foot, explore the road to search four kinds of functions, in addition to the demand for rescue signals, Then the corresponding choice of 4 files brightness, with SOS signal function. Another example is the need for a self-defense flashlight, then you need two more modes: High light and Strobe.