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Insight: Tactical flashlight modularity will Be Popular soon

Insight: Tactical flashlight modularity will Be Popular soon


The advantages of modular flashlights are largely self-evident, but because of the real modularity in today’s flashlight market is so rare, worth a try. When investing quality tactical flashlight , it should be expected in the future for many years to provide reliable service. Looking to the future, of course, involves a lot of uncertainty. How can I know that the flashlight purchased today will still bring benefits for the future? Of course, it must be durable enough to endure years of hard work, but how does the new technology make the equipment out of date? What if you like to change your preferences? What if the task changes? Will today’s advanced flashlight be downgraded to tomorrow’s garbage drawer?

Choose advanced modular flashlight to solve these problems and make sure your investment will remain valuable in the future. A few years ago to buy ZFL-M60 modular flashlight TANK007 customers can prove this point. Since TANK007 has released a new high-output CI03, the owner of any old TANK007 modular flashlight can simply buy a new flashlight, install it and enjoy the latest technology advantages. This backward compatibility ensures that traditional flashlights remain in combat without any performance loss, and the owner can save a lot of money by buying a complete new flashlight.

A similar benefit is assumed when a person’s mission or preferences change. Assuming that the owner of the Tank007 modular flashlight has selected the high / low tail to meet the needs of the daily portable (EDC) function and then want to use Light to The tactical operation of the flash function. The high / low tail key of the High / Strobe mode can be exchanged immediately to provide the Strobe function while maintaining a familiar decoupling binary user interface. Similarly, if a user installs an TANK007 modular flashlight on a gun, and is using one of Tank007’s remote tape switches, and then wants to use Light for hand-held tasks, a simple exchange of Tailcaps configures Light as a delegate task. TANK007 optical lenses are also field replaceable and, like interchangeable Tailcaps, can customize flashlight performance according to mission requirements. Will search and rescue missions be transformed into close combat (CQB)? Just remove the standard lens and install the waterproof lens, the modular flashlight beam pattern will be changed to adapt to the new environment.

TANK007’s proprietary automatic voltage detection (AVS) technology enables modularity to an unprecedented level, allowing users to adapt to the maximum output of the flashlight by making changes between the dual battery (Bravo model) and the three battery (Charlie model) configuration. When installed on the Bravo body, the TANK007 High Output AVS Head produces 650 lumens. Will be the same head installed in the Charlie body, the output increased dramatically to 900 lumens. The technology optimizes the light output without exceeding the maximum safety limit of 1.5 mA for the CR123A battery (many flashlight manufacturers ignore important safety and reliability specifications).