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Features of Explosion-proof Flashlight

Features of Explosion-proof Flashlight


With the development of social technology, LED flashlight from the torch shell to the internal cost of LED lights have been greatly reduced, making the LED flashlight is widely used in our life. Explosion-proof flashlights nowadays are designed as per special needs, they have unique and reliable performances.

1, safety performance: explosion-proof flashlight need to pass the nationally authorized explosion-proof certification; with high explosion-proof grade and excellent anti-static effect.

2, the work performance: light source can generally use a special ultra-high brightness white LED, ultra-bright, long distance. High power 1W LED’s effective range is up to 400M, visual range 200M;

3, applicability: good explosion-proof flashlights generally use high hardness alloy material to make flashlight shell, to ensure that products and stand strong impact, waterproof and high and low temperature, high humidity performance, and a variety of harsh environments and climatic conditions.

4, intelligent protection: the flashlight is equipped with over discharge, overcharge and short-circuit protection circuit, reliable protection of the battery to extend the life of the torch; intelligent overcharge, over discharge, short-circuit protection and charging display.

5, configuration science: explosion-proof LED flashlight high-energy non-memory battery capacity, long life, low self-discharge, economic and environmental protection; LED light source costs less energy, long life, life up to 100,000 hours.

6, flexible and convenient: explosion-proof flashlight can be made into a small volume, flashlight shell compact structure, light and beautiful, small size, light weight, and is very convenient to carry

LED flashlight is widely used, with its shell getting more and more lightweight design and development are closely related, but also inseparable from the overall performance and applicability of the flashlight to enhance. Explosion-proof flashlight, has a unique superior performance, often applied to the special and complex environment, it is a very important tool in our daily life .