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police security led rechargeable flashlight uses and precautions

police security led rechargeable flashlight uses and precautions


TANK007 police security led rechargeable flashlight uses and precautions:

1. Recharge the battery installation and unscrew the led flashlight tail cover, pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery, put the battery into it, and screw the tail cover of the flashlight.

2. When the police flashlight is turned off, press the middle switch, the flashlight is turned on, and the above steps are repeated.

3. Press the flashlight switch light to light low light during normal use. Need to switch the light, you can switch the light mode by tapping the switch. The police flashlight mode is weak light, strong light, and flashing. Press the switch again to turn off the flashlight.

How to charge TANK007 police led flashlight:

1 Unscrew the tail cover of the police flashlight and remove the battery.

2 Put the battery into the special charging box (Note: When inserting the battery, the positive and negative terminals of the battery must be positive and negative, otherwise it will not be charged).

3Remove the charger. Insert the two pins into the power take-off interface and insert the jack end into the battery box jack. When charging, the light on the charger is red. When the indicator changes from red to green, the charging is completed. At this time, the battery can be taken out for use.

TANK007 police security led flashlight humanized design, using bare waterproof direct charge, can be quickly charged, without removing the flashlight, direct charging, easy to use.

Police led flashlight use precautions

1. Don’t shoot the light from the flashlight directly into the human eye. Strong light will cause permanent damage to the eyes.

2. The lamp cap must not be disassembled to avoid damage to the reflector or bulb. Will also affect the waterproof performance of the flashlight

3. When the bulb can’t maintain high brightness, please replace the battery when charging, to avoid damage to the battery caused by over-discharge.

TANK007 flashlight is suitable for families, night riding, camping, high-end car gifts, adventure, military training, border defense, land and sea search, emergency rescue, criminal investigation, site survey, biological detection, jade identification, jewelry identification, anti-counterfeiting identification and other places. . It has won the trust and support of a large number of European and American customers and the Chinese Ministry of Public Security, and has become a stable supplier of such customers in the continuous good cooperation. Tank007led flashlight has long been loved by consumers.