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UV Flashlight’s Wide Applications

UV Flashlight’s Wide Applications


UV light is an invisible light, because it exists outside the ultraviolet light in the spectrum, so it is called UV rays. According to the spectrum, long ultraviolet light wavelength is between 320nm to 400nm. The centre number is 365nm and 395nm. UV flashlight with this wavelength is used in many fields such as fluid system leak checking, oil spots detection, industry glue solidification, fluorescent detection, criminal investigation, medical treatment, etc.

How 395nm/365nm UV flashlight Works

a, Oil substances shine fluorescent under UV light, therefore, 365nm UV flashlight can check grease, oil dirt.

b, many ore will fluoresce under ultraviolet light, emit a different fluorescent under ultraviolet radiation of different wavelengths, while at the same ultraviolet irradiation, ores contain different chemical compositions fluoresce different. Therefore, UV detection has become an important method to indentify materials in the ores.

c, Maintenance personnel use them to identify invisible cracks — by injecting a small amount of fluorescent dye into the fluid system, running for 15 minutes then exposing to ultraviolet light, the they can easily find the leakage spots.

d, verifiers use them to detect the authenticity of antiques. There are many pigments containing phosphorus, which glows under ultraviolet light, but most old paints do not containing phosphorus.

e, Forensic scientists use ultraviolet light to analyze the crime scene. To get fingerprints, for example, they usually sprinkled fluorescent dye under ultraviolet light. So that they it can more easily see fingerprints.

f, By shining the fluorescent in the seal to see whether the confidential files are opened