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Tank007 Tells You What You Need for Cycling

Tank007 Tells You What You Need for Cycling


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Spring is good season for outdoor activities. Cool wind, bright sunshine, beautiful scenes, all these are set by god for outdoors. Therefore, most cycling lovers do not want to waste the good time and they are ready to ride out. But before start your trip, remember to bright all necessary items. Here is a list of what you should carry.

1. Water and food

Long time riding can exhaust your energy, so, you need to bright enough food and water in case you are hungry or thirsty. Aside from water, you can also bring some Energy Drink which can fast recover your energy.

2. A helmet

When we are riding, we must wear a helmet, do not buy too cheap helmet, your need is not something like a helmet, you need a quality helmet.

3. Gloves

Gloves are also essential riding equipment. They not only can reduce the risk of hand sweat slippery, gloves on the part of the pad can also absorb the vibration when riding, reducing the hand Ma. In case of crushing, gloves can also prevent skin abrasions.

4. Glasses

The main role of glasses is to block ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light will greatly lead us to the risk of cataract. The anti-ultraviolet performance has nothing to do with color of the lens, but related to the material and the film. if the glasses you buy does not possess the above ability, even does not reach UV380 standard, change it right now, no matter how deep the color is. The impact from glasses to our eyes is subtle, and cannot be restored, in order to protect our eyes, we need good glasses.

5. Biking Jersey

When you are in biking jersey, you can get a smaller wind resistance, or better sweat -exhausting effect, looks both professional, and cool. In addition, the ride pants cushion design, you can keep the buttocks dry, relieve pains.

6. Bike light or flashlight.

This is for riding at night. A good bike light can ensure your safety while you are riding. TANK0007 TK737 is a good zoom bike light, you can get it for your bike.