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Full List of Items You Need for Outdoor Camping

Full List of Items You Need for Outdoor Camping


UC01 tank007 torch flashlight

Spring comes, everything recovers.
So good weather cannot be wasted, you need to go out for fresh airs, beautiful scenes.
Here, Tank007 prepared a comprehensive list of outdoor camping equipment for you.

Waterproof Jackets

Waterproof jackets are essential outdoor equipment, whether it is outdoor camping or more professional adventure activities, it is the best partner. In the wet, cold, windy bad environment, Waterproof jackets have a waterproof, breathable, wind characteristic which is important outside.

Outdoor hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are ideal for outdoor activities, with strong grip, good water resistance and breathable capacity. To short-distance outdoor camping friend, a breathable and lightweight pair of hiking shoes is enough.

Quickly-dry clothes

Outdoor activities are generally more exercise, sweating or wading basically are inevitable, this time you need quick dry clothes to help. Under the same conditions, it can more quickly sweat to the clothes surface and thus through the air circulation or sunshine evaporation.


Since it was camping, then the first thing we thought was of course the tent. Tents in the wild are playing the role of houses, so the wind-proof, rain-proof performances need to be good.

Sleeping bag

Two types of sleeping bags are available: mummy and envelope types, generally recommended mummies sleeping bags, with a better warm effect. Outdoor camping generally not go to places with extreme weather, so that is suitable for ordinary climate is enough.

Moisture-proof pad

The moisture will be heavier outside, and to find a relatively flat place is not so easy, so a thick moisture-proof pad will bring you a more comfortable field survival experience.


Flashlight is the best outdoor camping light. And, you are recommended to get a LED strong light flashlight. Compared with the ordinary flashlight, TANK007 flashlight has obvious advantages, high brightness, high energy saving, long life, more changes, and environmental protection, high-tech tip, etc., are typical of the green light source. Moreover, you can also get a big camp lamp, which can light a relatively larger range.

Other items include: water cup (bag), cooking utensils, etc. Such items need to be prepared according to your specific needs.

After you get these items, just go out to enjoy yourself!