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Tank007 Police Flashlights Special Uses

Tank007 Police Flashlights Special Uses


It is known to all police flashlights are powerful than common ones we see, but do you know they have some special uses? Here is a list of Tank007 police flashlights’ special uses.

Close check: close documents/ credential check, or general business check. You can use 5% low light close range lighting mode, close shine can effectively identify the examinee while the torch reflex will not hurt his or her eyes.

Search: 500 or more lumens super light, 6000K – 7000K high color temperature. The recognition rate of distant objects is high, no color difference, especially good for indoor corners and gaps and outdoor search.

Assault arrest: military, police and law enforcement officers carry out assault arrest, the first time light to the criminal’s eyes, can lead to vertigo or visual loss; visual recovery takes a long time. Then according to the other side’s reaction, then decide to continue to shine or shining to obtain the initiative.

Tactical application in darkness: in dark environment, strobe mode can make the other part dizzy, and effectively collapse criminal’s recalcitrant mentality.

Used with the pistol: grip the flashlight head with the index finger close to the switch. The elbow is parallel to the shoulder and the arm is placed horizontally where 15 centimeters far from the chest is. Hold the gun with right hand. So the fighting and searching posture is formed, which is conducive to the observation of the environment, judgments and dangerous time to stop the crime.

Intercept suspicious vehicles: During inspection on the road, if suspicious vehicles want to run away. Law enforcement officers can open the strobe mode to make the suspect cannot see the road and forced to stop for the inspection.

The above are some main special uses of Tank007 police flashlights. Do you know want to add some more? Just leave your comments below.

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