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Tank007 Tells You How to Choose LED and the Reflector for Flashlight

Tank007 Tells You How to Choose LED and the Reflector for Flashlight



When we choose a flashlight, we pay more attention to the appearance, the price; some may want to know the waterproof performance, the power consumption, etc., but few of us care whether the reflector of the flashlight is qualified, let alone to disassemble the head to check.

The article below will share you some professional knowledge about the reflector. Assembling head is an important step in the flashlight manufacturing, it needs professional workers to complete.  Common uses are not recommended to disassemble the head, for an improper operation may ruin the flashlight.

The LED’s glass

The first is a glass lamp. The best material of the glass on the LED is polycarbonate or  high-strength optical glass, which is shock drop resistant, and can make the light emitted by the beads closer to the real natural light.

Most outstanding glass is not flat, when you look close, you can find its surface has some arc degrees, or has a transparent bumps at the center, which can concentrate light, but such LED is quite costly, therefore, the flashlight is expensive, in addition, such flashlight is broken easily, so, it needs maintain carefully.

The second best material is high strength resin material, most of such material is same to the one we used for glasses, whose solidity is 1.56, few can reach 1.60. Shock drop resistance, spectrum is relatively close to natural light, the cost is low. The shortcomings include not wear-resisting, the surface is very prone to scratches, which would greatly interfere with the converging of the beam, cause beam divergence, but now there are some wear-resisting high hardness resin sheet can overcome this shortcoming.

The glass material’s high hardness is different from high strength. The hardness affect wear-resistance, while the strength affect the anti-drop performance. As for the glass over the LED, the following factors need to be noted:

  1. Transparence
  2. Whether there is bubble inside the glass
  3. Whether the surface is smooth
  4. Heat resistance
  5. Heat insulation property


As for the reflector or the light cup in the flashlight, you need to note the following points:

  1. Heat resistance (if not heat resistant enough, the reflector is easy to be burnt)
  2. Whether there is scratch
  3. Whether the surface and the edge are smooth