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What Is A Good Outdoor Flashlight

What Is A Good Outdoor Flashlight




Now, flashlight is a popular commodity to many people. More and more people love out door activities such as night riding, camping, hiking, etc. Such activities are very good for health. When you go out, you need a good outdoor flashlight. So, what is a outdoor flashlight? Here, this article will share you some tips.

Tip: As for the term “Good”, it should depend on demand. So, this article will only discuss good outdoor flashlight’s requirements. Here we go.


  1. Material

Currently, in the market, plastic flashlights exists along with the aluminum ones. Which kind is better? I think everyone has their own answer. In our opinion, aluminum flashlights are much better under most conditions. For example, if you need a high power flashlight, aluminum has a great advantage: fast dissipate heat. After all, the higher power the flashlight is, the more heat it generates. In addition, aluminum flashlight is solider than plastic ones.


  1. LED

LED is one of key parts in a flashlight. There are various kinds of LEDs in the world, and if you are not an expert, it is hard to distinguish authentic LED from fake one. So, to ensure you not to be deceived, you are recommended to purchase flashlights from creditable companies.

Tank007 good outdoor flashlights use original LED lamps from USA for most outdoor flashlights, so, please do not doubt our LEDs. Tank007 flashlights’ LED features long lifespan and durable, which is much better than common ones found in the market.


  1. Modes

As is known to all, different conditions need different brightness, so, a good flashlight need to have several modes so that users can change modes according to specific needs. Now, many flashlights have three modes even 5 modes, which allow users to switch from different modes for different brightness.

  1. Safety

Flashlight may explode if used improperly. So, safety cannot be ignored. Tank007 aluminum flashlights are all explosion proof, so do not worry about the safety. In addition, Tank007 rechargeable 18650 batteries pass strictly tests, which are reliable and durable. So, if you use our flashlight and battery, you will be always safe when you are outside.

  1. Power-saving

This feature is determined by LED. Good LED is more power-saving than bad ones. The LED used in Tank007 flashlights can save around 70% power compared to common LEDs, therefore, powered by the same batteries, Tank007 flashlights can last longer.