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How to Detect Pet Urine with Tank007 UV Flashlight

How to Detect Pet Urine with Tank007 UV Flashlight


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Now, many people love pets, such as pets and dogs but they do not have enough time to take care of the pets. If let them at home, they may destroy goods there, and what’s more, if they pee here and there, the trouble is big then. When the urine is dry, it would be difficult to find all the stains and clean them. So, is there any tool can detect pet urine? Here is a tip.

To find the urine stains, you can use UV light. After the scan exam with the UV light, you will find all urine stains easily. No spots will be left under the UV light. Say what out client says:

“Gotten the Tank007 UV flashlight today and tried it at our veterinarian facility. I should say it lights up pee and other organic stains. After a brief sweep of the exam rooms, my staff now has at errand bunches of cleaning of missed spots on dividers and baseboards where some male pooches left their imprint. This is a superb item to discover mishaps in the rug, the floor, on furniture, and so forth. An awesome instrument to have close by when puppy preparing, to distinguish a feline stamping region or mischances from a geriatric pet. When issue ranges are recognized, you can then utilize a scent neutralizer to uproot the stain and smell.”

If you are still annoyed by the urine smell from unknown corners or places, then Tank007 UV flashlight can be your good tool to detect pet urine.

Important Note: You need to put on your safety goggles before you scan your furniture and carpet with the UV light.

More about Tank007 UV Flashlight

Detecting pet urine is one feature of Tank007 UV flashlight. You can do more with the UV LED flashlight.

  1. Detect leaks in fluid and gas system, such as air conditioner system, gas pipe, and so on.
  2. Identify jades and other ancient stones
  3. Distinguish genuine and fake bank notes
  4. Mark and blood inspection, examination of crime scene.
  5. Ink curing and glue curing.
  6. Fluorescent reflection of special materials

As for UV flashlight, there are 365nm 1W, 3W, 5W, and 395nm 1W, 3W, 5W. You need to get the UV light as per your need.