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TANK007: Quality-oriented, be a leader of flashlight applications field

TANK007: Quality-oriented, be a leader of flashlight applications field


0419软文图片TANK007 develop from initially only simple flashlight processing, and now owns several production lines with annual production capacity of one million, just spend less than 10 years, it was regarded as a miracle of flashlight industry. Currently, TANK007 products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, worldwide users like it very much. As a leader in the field of professional flashlight application, why TANK007 so popular?

Focus on team building

TANK007 have a good team whom rich flashlight industry operating experience. Company R & D team consists of dozens of structural engineers, product designers, electronics engineer with years of industry experience, marketing team core officers from the world’s top 500 enterprises.


Ordinary people can not understand the point that Tank007 exploration extraordinary dedication to quality. To outsiders, some seemingly small things, but Tank007 team treat as a important question,. E.g:

The same application in different locations whether using same specifications thread?

Two circuit connection is securely? Are the same color line?

The tolerances of own factory processing parts and purchasing parts whether can meet the requirements?

Whether ignore some occasional failures ?

All raw materials whether it will be inspected?

Every Tank007 technical engineers will ask themselves these questions when the product will be put into production. They strict inspection raw material when the raw material arrival warehousing, do not ignore any problem. In their view, their mission is to ensure the quality of products, can not let defective products into the market.

Each tank007 flashlight, has passed complex process and strict precision processing technology. Again and again mechanical friction; high-precision gun wash, quadratic element measurements, etc., so that each product perfect fusion of technology and craftsmanship.

In product quality inspection, Each TANK007 product must many times tests, such as 1.5 m drop test, compressive strength test, flux testing, high and low temperature test …… and so on.

Just as Tank007 CEO Ms. Shen often said, “Tank007 is brand, not only sell products.” tank007 would rather lose customers, it will not reduce the requirements in terms of quality, which makes tank007 not only the quality much higher than similar products, the price is also higher than similar products a lot, but Tank007 has received great recognition of domestic and foreign customers, products exported to the world country, become a leader of flashlight professional applications field!