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TANK007 is crazy: My running time is the longest

TANK007 is crazy: My running time is the longest


TANK007 become a leader of outdoor flashlight once again.As the world’s most professional outdoor flashlight manufacturer, TANK007 has been in outdoor flashlight areas for many years, products exported to Latin America, Asia and Europe and many other countries, we has become the first choice for many outdoor sports enthusiasts.

It is reported that, TANK007 flashlights’ maximum beam distance is 500M, the maximum brightness  reaches 1000 lumens, almost no dead lighting space. Moreover, The running period of TANK007 is also in the forefront of similar products, the lifespan of its newest tactical flashlight is as high as 165 hours on low light conditions , nearly 7 days and 7 nights, this is almost the limit lighting period of outdoor flashlight.

In addition, TANK007 flashlights are applied to modern military technology widely, adopted military technology and hard anodized aerospace material, the light bead is the most advanced LED chip, all with tempered glass lenses, scratch resistant, and the constant current circuit design,all these advantages to maintain the same brightness during using . TANK007 flashlights’ resistance to fall is second to none, even if fell from a height of 1.5M accidentally also safe. On the waterproof level, TANK007 are used in the highest level of IPX8, that is to say there is no problem even diving.

Currently, TANK007 flashlight are widely used on duty, searching, hunting, camping, hiking, night riding, fishing, car driving and so on.