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Tank007: Focus on producing high-quality flashlights for users

Tank007: Focus on producing high-quality flashlights for users



As a leading role in professional flashlights areas, Tank007 has been world-renowned with high prices and good quality, known as the flashlight nobility. It always established as high-end brand by users.

Tank007 regarded the products quality as enterprise life from the very beginning. On the market, some manufacturers in order to reap huge profits, cutting corners and using low cost and low purity aluminum to make the very low price flashlights. Even though they earn huge profits, the led flashlight market prices are disordered. But Tank007 insisted not on low price and low-end products, we insist the flashlight body should adopt dedicated magnesium alloy, not only ensure product quality, but also give users an excellent product experience.

Flashlight core is a lamp beads. TANK007 using the world’s leading CREE lamp beads, with pure light color, spot uniformity, brightness, which can fully meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts.

In addition, tank007 using a microcontroller circuit boards, power supplies, IC, chips are separated, not only ensuring product performance, stability and use safety, but also increase  the lifespan dramatically, up to 100,000 hours. For the most common switch, tank007 also used modular composite switch. There will not be any problems even continuous use 50,000 times.

Focus on product technology

TANK007 flashlight with independent intellectual property rights, independent product design, the structure of excellence, each product through at least dozens of production process, such as high-precision gun wash, the second measuring, waterproof test, drop test, high temperature test, etc. Each TANK007 product is not only excellent quality, but also beautiful to achieve the perfect fusion of industry and art.

From TANK007, who can see perfectly each product either feel or texture, are completely better than ordinary flashlights. No matter texture, graphics, connections, color…, are so perfect, so flawless

Focus on application technology

TANK007 has been focusing on the latest technology in the product. It uses constant brightness technology to ensure constant brightness for better lighting effects. In addition, military III hard anodized shell with its technology, products, scratch resistant, waterproof performance, reaching IPX8, which is currently the highest level of civilian products waterproof

As a high-end flashlight brand, TANK007 show in front of the user is more than a flashlight. It is an exquisite work of art