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TANK007 Jade expert flashlights become the new darling

TANK007 Jade expert flashlights become the new darling



Recently, with the hot collectibles market, as a professional antique appraisal tools TANK007 flashlight again receive the markets’ concerned, it has become an essential tool for many antiques experts, collectors, antique lovers. It is understood that since TANK007 flashlight involve into jade expert flashlight series, sales exceeded 100,000 less than six months, soon become the most popular professional flashlight. So, what makes TANK007 jade expert flashlight so popular?

As a professional appraisal flashlight, TANK007 flashlights’ quality pursuit and craftsmanship are in a very surprising strict level. Its lamp beads are all adopted US CREE , the body are made of aerospace aluminum alloy material, the application of premium type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive technology to ensure product scratch resistant, especially the applications of constant brightness technology , make sure the flashlight being bright consistently during the identification process ,  the situation of brightness darken gradually does not appear , no need to worry about the effort in vain for several days.

As the market become diversified increasingly, TANK007 Jade expert flashlight also keep up with the markets’ demand, and have introduced seven different jade expert styles to meet the identified needs of different users.