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Tank007 come back with praise from Hong Kong Spring Electronic Show

Tank007 come back with praise from Hong Kong Spring Electronic Show


The Hong Kong Electronic Show (HKTDC) is the largest electronic exhibition in Asia, recognized as one of the world’s largest and most widely influential global electronics, attracts the world’s consumer electronics companies to attend to; covering multimedia, digital audio, home appliances, communications and electronic accessories, etc.

Mini Series

Tank007 mainly promote mini flashlight, a variety of cutting-edge methods and equipments are displayed on the show. On the other side, tank007 show lots of functional, high quality, delicate, fashionable mini flashlights, and the most attractive is E09. Meanwhile, Tank007’s best service team offer the best service for the customers.

UV flashlight series

They can be used in the investigation of the crime scene, hunting and field exploration; ink curing, glue curing; identifying the antique, painting and money; inspection of special gas, leaking oil pipeline, Tank007 will show you the detection and identification of the UV flashlight by various experiments on site.

Rechargeable Series

Rechargeable series are very applicable to the military force, searching, outdoor and camping, durable, the metal waterproof charging port was first made in the world, delicate, rechargeable flashlights are designed for energy-saving and environmental friendly, and also a way to adapt to consumer’s need and embody social responsibility. Rechargeable flashlights solve the trouble of replace the battery and protect the environmental resources. Rechargeable flashlights usually adopt led bulb, with long life, the light are close to daylight (sharp), which is conducive to distinguish the true color of the object.

Exhibition Site

The Hong Kong Spring Electronic Show was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in 13/4/2014, the exhibition attracts over 3300 companies of 25 countries, famous led flashlight Tank007 attended this show.

Tank007 showed a lot of original design, many flashlights adopt very fashionable appearance design, which attracts the audience. And many portable and outdoor flashlights draw people’s attention. Tank007 regard innovation and quality as product concept, the products are accepted by market and consumers, with the expansion of the product line, the brand is getting more famous at domestic and overseas, the participation in the Hong Kong Electronic Show is a presentation of its own strength.