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Tank007 outdoor flashlight for camping

Tank007 outdoor flashlight for camping


3 o’clock am in Apr. 1st, when truck driver of Changchun City Mr. Liu drove to the fifth reservoir of Yanji City, he suddenly noticed there were a pile of landslides of falling rocks on the road! “I hit before realized!” He ran to the opposite direction waving the flashlight at this emergency time as to stop the coming vehicles.

Nocturnal vehicle hit “ stone array”

3 o’clock am in Apr. 1st, Mr. Liu drove to “ Wansanxian” 33km + 800m. He said it was dark after a corner and a small ramp. He could only see the road condition within the range of the car lamp, he found there were lots of white rocks on the road not far away! This accident caught him off guard.

“I even don’t have time to react, I hit before realized.” He stopped the car, but it was too late, his car crashed into the stone. He got out to check the situation, the stone which was about 700-800 cubic meters was falling down from the flank of the mountain, that blocked the road. The highest point of the rocks was over 2 meters.

Mr. Liu checked his own car and found the front part was on the stone, the water tank was broken with antifreeze flowing out.

Waving flashlight

Avoid dozens of car accidents

Mr. Liu’s car was “blocked” on the road, which made him in a dilemma. He decided to spread the situation to alert the passing drivers as to prevent secondary landslide. But the signal was poor, he searched nearby and finally found a better signal standing on the rocks near the fifth reservoir. He called the Yanbian traffic radio after queried 114 to explain the situation. Then he thought there would be cars coming by, which could possibly crashed into his car, the consequence was unimaginable! “It will be a huge trouble for both of us.” Considering the serious situation, he took out the flashlight from his car and ran to the opposite direction waving the flashlight to stop the coming cars.

Drivers stopped after seeing the flashlight light. More and more trucks, cars were stopped. The cars could turn back after being stopped, but the trucks were trapped. The drivers being stopped went out the truck and stopped the coming vehicles in the same way. Dozens of cars were stopped with no accident and no personnel and vehicle damage in this incident.

Clear the road urgently

Workers fought for 6 hours to clear the road

Then, the relevant person in charge of the state transportation management office, the transportation department of Yanji City rushed to the scene to guide the rescue work. More than 30 emergency rescue team members started to rescue with excavators, forklifts, dump trucks. Rescuers worked from dawn to 10:50 AM, finally returned the road back to normal.