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Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co.,Ltd pass the BV certification

Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co.,Ltd pass the BV certification


Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co.,Ltd passed the inspection of global famous international inspection and authentication group: BV certification authority, and got the BV certification in March 2014, which was led by Alibaba, based on the Chinese suppliers.

Bureau Veritas (BV) is one of the largest number of authentication companies and significantly reputation certification authority. The expert group did deep and clear research about the scale, human resources, quality control, vendor management, customer services, R&D, enterprise development program etc. of Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co.,Ltd, and affirm company’s site management, quality control, customer services, R&D etc.

Shenzhen Grandoor Electronic Co.,Ltd will provide more information about our factory, products and services for domestic and foreign clients by passing the BV certification, which will benefit the overseas trading. The BV certification is on-site examined and authorized the reliable certification by the third certification institution, which helps the overseas clients know more about the company, improve the communication efficiency in order to contribute to better and faster cooperation.