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Rechargeable led flashlight customized detailed process

Rechargeable led flashlight customized detailed process


At present, many people like to customize the rechargeable led flashlight. The customized led flashlight is not only more refined but also better able to meet the functional requirements of our rechargeable led flashlight. Rechargeable LED flashlights are a common lighting tool in people’s lives, and they can now be customized for flashlights. So what is the process of customizing a rechargeable led flashlight? Let’s take a look at the detailed process of customizable rechargeable flashlights.

First, determine the size of the custom rechargeable led flashlight, there are no special requirements for the functional requirements of the led flashlight, and whether there is a special need for the appearance of the flashlight, whether you need a custom flashlight logo and so on. The requirements must be recorded in detail, and then all of them are submitted to the LED flashlight manufacturer, so that the flashlight manufacturers can tailor the rechargeable led flashlight according to the needs.

Second, choose the material of the customized led flashlight, the effect of each different material is different, you must choose when customizing the flashlight, because the material of the rechargeable led flashlight is also a very important price for the flashlight. Important factors, so we must pay great attention to it so that the follow-up work can be smoother.

Third, it is necessary to carry out the acceptance work of the led flashlight on time. When the flashlight is customized in each stage, it must be checked in time, so that the subsequent customizable work of the rechargeable led flashlight can be carried out smoothly.

Shenzhen Guangzhongdao Electronics Co., Ltd. has a self-built 5,000 square meters flashlight factory, which has CNC numerical control lathe, computer boring machine, five-axis machine, anodizing, finished product assembly, etc., with exquisite workmanship and strong hardware strength. There are also a number of professional LED flashlight production lines, standardized production and testing, integrating research and development, production and sales, eliminating the need for intermediate links to effectively control the price of conventional flashlights in large quantities, ordering the same day, shipping the same day, customized service, the fastest 7 days delivery. Online consultation led flashlight customization:

TANK007 flashlight raw materials are all used by high-quality suppliers, including imported CREE lamp beads, aviation-grade aluminum alloy casing, aluminum alloy reflector cup, quality and performance are guaranteed. TANK007 full range of rechargeable led flashlights have passed CE, ROHS and other authoritative quality certification, flashlight performance parameters are higher than the national military standards.

At present, the LED flashlight series includes: outdoor tactical flashlight, security flashlight, photo jade flashlight, ultraviolet flashlight, riding flashlight, criminal detective flashlight, medical flashlight, diving flashlight, mini flashlight and other series. The sales network of led flashlights covers more than 100 countries and regions in China, the Middle East, Europe and the United States, and is favored by consumers and other professional flashlight users.

The detailed process of rechargeable led flashlight customization is probably these. If you need to customize the led flashlight, then the above flashlight customization process must be known, and you must choose a well-known flashlight manufacturer when customizing the rechargeable led flashlight. Guarantee the quality of the flashlight.