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TANK007 Best Camping Flashlight

TANK007 Best Camping Flashlight


Best Camping Flashlight

When traveling in our great country, you need to prepare for some unplanned things and carry a flashlight, so you can help you see important things. TANK007 K9 is the best camping flashlight in our company. It is both compact and powerful. K9 range of nearly 200 meters, the maximum flow of 800 lumens, the use of popular tail cover control, K9 only need a single 18650 lithium battery to provide long hours of lighting.

K9 flashlight size is also compact, providing more operating functions, higher output power of 800 lumens, while still using an 18650 battery. 3 brightness levels plus flash and SOS will meet lighting requirements during camping. In outdoor mode, the K9 flashlight’s tail switch controls all output modes.

More details about K9
Lifespan: 100,000hours
Max lumens: 800lumens
Throw beam: 200m
Input voltage(V):3.0v-12v Modes: 3-modes(High-Medium-Strobe)
Chips characteristics:Constant current chip, constant brightness, anti-reverse design to prevent circuit harm when battery mounted against
Power source:1*18650 / 2*16340 / 2* CR123
Burn time:High light 3 hours,Medium light 15hours Size:12.6 * 2.4 * 2.4cm
Weight: 69g (excluding batteries)
Material:T6061 aluminum alloy
Reflector:Aluminum alloy vacuum plating reflector
Lens:Toughened ultra clear glass lens with AR coating
Treatment:Premium Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish to avoid scratching
Switch:Tail Button Switch
Waterproof:IPX8 Anti-drop:1.5m

Camping story of our friend

Looking at the stars, sitting around the campfire listen to the story, sleep in a comfortable sleeping bag, in California, the most beautiful camp environment to enjoy, do not drag a lot of camping equipment troubles. These charm camping spots can let people enjoy the fun from the daily life back to nature, but also equipped with comfortable facilities, so that people sleepy night, do not sleep back pain, no mosquito bites troubled. What is the environment of the camp? The camp has a promontory overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and there are high mountains in the famous mountains of the National Park, and even the Wildlife Park. Most camps are equipped with all camping facilities, including bed and meals, but some camps require a sleeping bag and pillow.