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What Makes TANK007 2017 Best EDC Flashlight

What Makes TANK007 2017 Best EDC Flashlight


best edc flashlight

Days ago, I hope to get a good EDC flashlight for myself, I keep searching online, testing in shops, finally I find Tank007 K9 is right what I expected, it is the best edc flashlight I ever used.

1.   Solid 

First of all, this Tank007 flashlight is solid. They have a “solid feeling” for them. You know the feeling is hard to describe, but when you feel … you just know.

This is a small thing to create a good impression for you.

You will notice that when you remove the tail cover to add a single 18650 battery (because of all this), the thread is clean and precise.

In addition, there is a good small rubber gasket, can prevent the battery chamber into the water.

2. Bright

The real highlight of the best EDC flashlight is the number of lumens produced by this little guy. It provides up to 800 lumens.

Whether you are camping, looking for your electrical panel in the dark, working on a lawn mower, or eavesdropping, this powerful EDC flashlight has the ability to illuminate your world.

In addition, you can press the switch to control its brightness. It has 3 brightness stalls.

This is a little thing that makes a nice EDC flashlight worth carrying.

3.  Thoughtful 

Another useful design feature of the LED flashlight is its slight power button. Embedding this button helps prevent accidental activation.

We all experience the unexpected opening of our electronic equipment, when you use it only to find a dead battery.

So this feature is very helpful.

The recessed button also allows the EDC flashlight to stand at its rear end with the light up. When setting up so you can illuminate the whole room … Hands free.

It is perfect when you work alone, you need both hands. Just put this flashlight down (tail) and you can see enough to finish most of the basic tasks.