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Micro light led keychain flashlight

Micro light led keychain flashlight


Micro light led keychain flashlight is always used as an EDC flashlight. Such kind of flashlight is popular among girls due to the small but decent body. They need a keychain flashlight for two purposes: providing light and self-defense.

1. Providing light
Do not take grand that a micro light led keychain flashlight is not bright enough to provide light. Some keychain torches are quite bright. Here, we take those use one AAA battery as example, many such flashlights can throw 120lumens light, which is quite bright, though. So, such micro torch can provide light. But as the AAA battery has limited capacity, they cannot provide long time lighting. So, you just can use such kind of flashlights as emergency flashlight.

2. Self-defense
In fact, most strong light flashlights have this feature, some even include strobe mode, which is best for self-defense. In addition, with high light mode, users can also help themselves by throw the light to the offender’s eyes.

Tank007 Most Popular Micro light LED Keychain flashlight

E09 is the most popular small flashlight in Tank007. This is the classic mini led torch in Tank007’s product line.

Micro light led keychain flashlight

Key features of E09
1. Cree R3 LED, high power, 120lumen at max, 100,000 hours life time.
2. T6061 aerospace grade aluminum, durable and light
3. Anodized surface treatment, beautiful and anti-scratch
4. With special manufacturing, and thanks to the waterproof o-ring, this flashlight is waterproof to IPX-8 level, which means, it can work under 2 meters deep water.
E09 is a best gift flashlight thanks to its decent appearance. So, many customers purchase this flashlight for their families, friends, and so on. Meanwhile, some girls also like to purchase one for nightly use in some certain conditions.

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