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Tank007 Attended Alibaba 2015 Foreign Trade Group War

Tank007 Attended Alibaba 2015 Foreign Trade Group War



In November 17th, Tank007 joined Alibaba 2015 foreign trade group war (2015/11/20-2015/3/12/20), aimed to challenge new success in the end of the year.

Alibaba holds many foreign trade group wars every year, every war lasts one month. During the war period, every company sends some sales to join the war, and to challenge new success-about two times the average sales in the last year. Once the sales finish the target sales, they would get great reward, and they will be punished as they promised if they failed to finish the target sales.

Tank007 sent four sales to join this war: Sindy, Rose, Ivy, and Tony. They all set a big challenge for themselves.

Sindy, our core strength, hope to challenge 70,000 USD, which doubled the average sales in the same period last year;

Tony and Rose, the rising stars in our sales team, made their mind to finish 20,000 USD in the coming thirty days.

IVY, a newly-joined soldier, also set his aim of 10,000 USD for the war.

Before they went to the way, all other colleagues made a video to encourage them., hoping they get a great success in the war.