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Tank007 2016 New Year Party

Tank007 2016 New Year Party


New Year Celebration

Chinese new year is coming. At the end of the year, every company holds a celebrate evening party to celebrate the important moment. Tank007 is also preparing the party now.

Tank007’s new year party will come on Jan.16th, and now, all small teams are preparing their show for the party. In addition to marketing department’s shows, our colleagues in factory will also present their best shows in the evening party.

Some leaked shows including songs, dances, Chinese Taiji, Wushu and more. Wonderful programs will come one by one.

After one year’s hard work, in order to express thanks to all members in Tank007, and celebrate our achievement in the last year, we will hold this celebration on Jan. 16th. During the celebration, most members in Tank007 will display their talent and present their best show. Let’s wait and see.


What is Chinese New Year Evening party

Chinese New Year Evening party – or Annual Meeting, is an annual year-end banquet businesses and organizations to summarize a year of operations, encourage team morale, prospects for a better future while planning a rally in the form of implementation. Annual Meeting is the Chinese New Year, also marks the end of the year, enterprises and organizations work. Enterprises will be accompanied by recognition of employees, business history review, the company’s future prospects and other important content. There are some excellent businesses and organizations are invited to the upstream and downstream components of the partners involved in this whole Division Celebration festival, increase communication between enterprises, and promote common progress between enterprises.