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Tips to Choose Outdoor Flashlights

Tips to Choose Outdoor Flashlights


Outdoor activities include various sports such as hiking, riding, swimming, climbing, etc. So, if you are choosing an outdoor flashlight, you may need to consider some features to meet as more as possible. Here are some common features of outdoor flashlight you need to take into account.


1. Reliability

When we are during outdoor activities, we need the flashlight “Are Always Ready”, which determines the flashlight should be highly reliable. If the flashlight does not work at crucial moment, it may cause danger even fatal danger. Therefore, high reliability is the most important principle to choose outdoor flashlight.


2. Waterproof performance

Compared being home, it needs to fix the “waterproof” problem. The good waterproof level is IPX-8(work normally in water with depth not exceeds 2 meters). After all, the flashlight that can meet this standard can work at rainy day with ease. To some content, waterproof performance is kind of reliability.


3. Compact and lightweight.

It is best to make the outdoor flashlights small in size, light in weight, so that do not add burden when people go out. Generally speaking, common outdoor flashlights’ weight should be within 100g. Meanwhile, strong flashlights are not applied to this standard.


4. Power saving

Outdoor flashlight should have sufficient brightness and running time. It is best to burn dozens of hours at low mode.


5. Strong brightness

Outdoor environment could be very complex, sometimes strong brightness may be needed to light your surroundings. It is dangerous if the flashlight is not bright enough when you need to light something, or when you are in danger.


6. Multiple modes

Multiple modes are widely used in flashlights. It is necessary to get a flashlight with multiple modes when you go out. This features help you control the brightness according to your needs flexibly, saving the precious power. Meanwhile, this includes some special features, for example, SOS signal.


7. Constant brightness

While flashlight is working, the battery voltage becomes lower as the energy is consumed. As a result, the brightness of common flashlights decreases, lighting effects gradually deteriorate. The flashlight stops working when the voltage decreases to a certain degree. Now, you need to change battery to make the flashlight work again. But in fact, a small amount of power, which are left in the battery, is wasted. Constant brightness technology solves this problem. It helps the flashlight produces light with constant brightness at most time, increasing the lighting effect and using most of the power in the battery.


8. Easy to get battery

When you choose a outdoor flashlight, you need to make sure whether the battery is easy to get. It would be inconvenient if you need to change the battery but you cannot find a shop that supplies the battery you need.